Fear and Loathing on Super Tuesday

It’s somewhat comical to me that Master of Puppets turned 30 today, and what a year 1986 must’ve been. Metallica might’ve provided me the fuel to sit down and write this piece after a couple days of simply feeling defeated – as though I’m watching a very distinct series of events unfold that will yield nothing more than chaos, madness, worse.

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President’s Day, 2016

The ways in which we measure, reconcile, come to terms with and accept the consequences of events, stimuli and otherwise are, in their depths, relatively rudimentary in nature. Today was better/worse than yesterday. That person is more/less attractive than that other person. The Civil War was more/less brutal than the Vietnam War. Sweetness versus sourness. Love versus hate. Apathy versus empathy. Relativity acting as compass in all situations and at all times.

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Photo courtesy of Tim Olson

Oscar night, 2015.

I’ve heard that Hollywood was once the beacon of cultural values and lifestyle best practice, disseminating important lessons to the masses that will, one way or another, shape the actions and behaviors of captivated audiences from San Francisco to Manhattan and beyond. This is undoubtedly still the case although, suffice it to say, things have changed quite a bit since the time before digital media.

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